Getting the most from Ad Network Reports

This article is for AdLibertas customers or Ad Networks receiving a daily report on buying behavior of a specific network.

On a daily basis, the Ad Network reports are sent to networks on an opt-in basis: The network will only receive their buying positions in AdLibertas managed inventory.

What is an Ad Network Report?

In short: an opt-in daily report sent to ad networks on their buying positions on publisher inventory.

Why do we send it?

In short, to help increase the throughput of demand and supply. For more on this click here.

What is sent:

Contained in the report is the day’s status of each ad unit running in a particular waterfall or segment of inventory. We encourage ad networks to use this information to tailor or optimize buying positions. Keep in floors can be dynamic, so if networks change pricing to buy more efficiently, they can do so without waiting for an update or confirmation from publishers.

How do I request a report or change delivery addresses?

Publishers can create network reports in our reporting dashboard networks can contact publishers or to request, change or update delivery preferences.

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