Custom Event Metrics

Understanding how to add custom metrics to your report.

By default, AdLibertas will include some important metrics with your reports: impressions, daily active users, revenue earned, and others. Undoubtedly you'll have need for custom or additional metrics on your reports.

When creating reports you'll be able to choose custom event metrics. Below we walk you through how they work.

Event Counts

Fairly straight-forward we'll return the total number of events, counted either by day or relative (cohort) day. This value will be included as a total, per user, and cumulative value.

Example: Level_complete. Counts the number of times the event level_complete was fired by the audience defined.

Event Sum

In some cases, you'll want to sum the values and include the total. For instance, the sum of the Revenuefield in the ad_impressionevent returns the total ad earnings. This is included automatically, so a better example (as pictured) is including the "sum" of the user_engagement property which measures the time a user is active in the app.

Value Counts

In this case, you're able to include the count of certain parameter values in an event. A great example -- as pictured -- is the count of Applovin impressions in the impression event. But this could easily be the level pack earned from a reward video, or any other parameter value you would like to measure.

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