How do customers use AdLibertas?

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AdLibertas provides tools to help track ad revenue in apps and handles full-service optimization for in-app ads. Our customers rely on us for a number of use-cases, some of the more popular we’ve outlined below:

Analyze user-revenue performance.

Our revolutionary Audience Reporting product allows app developers to define and measure the revenue performance of the user-group.

Watch a brief demo on how it works below:

Measure user-acquisition campaign performance

Fast, easy, and accurate predicted earnings for your UA campaigns. One-touch integration. Automated pLTV outputs, skip the hassle.

Consolidate & Unify all App Earnings

We have over 100 API connections to automatically pull and normalize your in-app earnings– app purchases, subscriptions, and advertising– into a single place.

Analyze your Revenue & Answer Questions

We supply a rich set of analytics tools for your to-do deep dives on your data to determine new opportunities and discover problems.

See more details on our website or a demo on how it works

Build Custom Dashboards

A lot of our customers want to build custom views of their data, so they can monitor or share custom views of ad traffic or earnings reports.

Earn more money from in-app advertising.

Learn the best place to set your price floors

Our powerful revenue distribution chart can help you set the right floors for your inventory. This one-of-a-kind visualization is very powerful tool for helping your ad strategy.

You can see more about how the Revenue Distribution Chart works below:

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