Consolidated Ad Revenue with multiple mediators


We’ve launched support to include reporting from the ironSource and Applovin mediators into your AdLibertas reporting. By default when migrating from MoPub, reporting will include revenue earned from both platforms.

Consolidated Reporting Tables

The combined ad revenue is located in the tables Consoldiated Reporting Data and Consolidated Reporting Inventory Data

Consolidated Reporting: contains individual ad-unit and app performance by network. Since this data includes ad waterfall and placement data it cannot include ad impression request data. (In MAX this type of reporting is called Campaign Reporting). This table is the basis for the Ad Network Performance page.

Consolidated Reporting Inventory Data: This reporting table aggregates at the ad unit level and provides ad request and impression data. It cannot however report on individual network ad unit requests/bids (MoPub calls this type of reporting Inventory Reporting). This reporting is used for the App Performance page

Avoiding duplication when migrating from MoPub to a new platform

Since mediators report from the same revenue sources there can be duplicate reporting during your transition. To avoid duplication, you’ll need to filter out potentially duplicated data:

“Non_mopub” app name refers to revenue that’s collected from a third-party network but cannot be attributed to an active ad unit in the Max configuration. During a transition, non_mopub may include revenue that’s being served by other mediators. For accuracy, filter-out non_mopub to avoid duplicated revenue between platforms (more on non_mopub)

Applovin revenue served through MoPub: AppLovin revenue reporting comes through in zones, if you have the same zones running for both mediators, you’ll see discrepancies. This can extend to bidding, revenue served on Max.

Reusing ad units customers that use the same ad units on multiple platforms will see duplication as both Max and the new platform will report the entire amount of earned revenue causing a serving discrepancy.

Watch a video on how to dedupe revenue using consolidated reporting

Avoid duplication post-MoPub shutdown

Since AdLibertas connects directly to the revenue sources (e.g. directly to Google to pull Admob earnings) when you've migrated from Mopub and your new platform (Max or ironSource) also reports these earnings, you'll need to disconnect network connections served through the mediator to avoid duplication.

This simply means you should remove all network credentials for networks that you are serving through a mediator.

To do so, simply navigate to Manage Connections in your AdLibertas dashboard, then remove credentials from your dashboard.

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