Ad Network Reports

Ad Network Delivery of Ad Network Reports

“Automatic delivery of network performance”

The goal of AdLibertas is to increase the liquidity of demand competing for publisher ad supply. Part of doing so is enabling the demand partner/network to buy inventory intelligently. We’ve introduced the concept of Network Reports which gives the network insight into their buying positions in AdLibertas-managed regions. This way a demand source can adjust their buys to move up or down the waterfall – much like a more traditional exchange, with the aim of buying on mobile app inventory in a more efficient manner. Efficiency of competition = more demand = higher prices for inventory.

Some examples of benefits we’ve seen from enabling Network Reporting on publisher inventory:

  • Network gets to see their changing waterfall position – without needing to interact/ask the publisher.

  • Network will be able to identify serving discrepancies as we include their reporting vs. ad server counts.

  • A network can see when their buying at too low of a fill rate, and are in danger of being removed from a segment.

  • The buyer can see when their buys are switched off and when we will automatically re-introduce their buys in periodic “market price tests”

It should be noted Network Reporting will only give updates to the named network, the buyer will not see other network buying positions or prices. You can set up your own Demand Report in the Reporting section of your dashboard.

For an outline of the report and column definitions, please download this file:


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