Connecting AdLibertas to BigQuery

This article covers how to connect AdLibertas directly to Google BigQuery

Note: If you’ve already connected AdLibertas to Firebase you don’t need to also connect your account to BigQuery. This option is for folks who only want to grant access to BigQuery or want to grant additional table access. It should be noted that without a Firebase user, AdLibertas cannot report by Firebase Experiment names.

AdLibertas can connect to extract data from your Google Cloud / BigQuery account.

Before starting ensure your AdLibertas account representative has created a Google account for your company. This will generally follow the naming convention <companyName>

For each project you’d like to connect:

  1. Visit Google Cloud IAM permissions page

  2. Select the appropriate project in the top menu

  3. Click ADD for a new user

  4. Enter <company-name> and

  5. select “Big Query Data Viewer” (to view the data) and

  6. add another role for “BigQuery Job User” (to extract the data)

That’s it! From here, we’ll add the appropriate keys to your account.

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