Consolidated Revenue Reporting

Combine all earned app revenue across all mediators and app stores. Finally see all your revenue in one place.

“Before determining a strategy, you need a source of truth.”

As you may already know, not all advertising reporting is created equal. There are some networks that don’t have reporting APIs; some don’t include much data; and even some that don’t have dashboards. However, almost every network offers some type of daily reporting that indicates how and where they are buying traffic. We’ve built custom APIs that pull in the data available– however, presented—and more importantly, extrapolate the missing data to provide a unified view of reporting.

Our reporting is fetched daily and then automatically unified and consolidated to a single source of truth.

Integrate with just credentials

Like all AdLibertas products, we only need credentials to connect collect and correlate your app earnings.

For details on how to connect your app earnings to AdLibertas, see Connecting in 3 Steps.

Rich reporting built for ad-supported apps

Keep updated about important revenue trends on your apps.

Business Analytics & Custom Dashboards

With access to powerful Business Analytics, create custom views of important KPIs and metrics of your earnings.

Unsupported Networks

“There’s always someone new…”

At the time of publication, we support over 150 separate network APIs however there will always be a new API we’ve yet to build. If you have a network that you’d like to include, please contact your account manager or shoot an email to

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