How does App Store Reporting work?

AdLibertas can track your App Store revenue generated on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Getting Started:

All we need are credentials. To get started, Check our how-to for connecting Apple App Store Connect and here for Google Play to AdLibertas.

How is Revenue Displayed?

Unfortunately, neither App Store is straight-forward with how it displays and updates earnings to the app developer. We’ve done our best to show you the most important and up-to-date data available — however, there are some important details about gross and net revenue.

Metric Definitions:

  • Active Users: See Firebase Reporting

  • Net Revenue – Revenue you can expect to collect. Excludes taxes and fees.

  • Gross RevenueRevenue charged to app users (includes App Store Fees and taxes).

  • IAP: Units – Number of IAP events/transactions

  • IAP: Refunds – The count of refunds granted and reported by the store. This refund is accounted in net & gross revenue.

  • Subscriptions: ActiveNumber of subscriptions reported active by store

  • Subscriptions: ActivationsNumber of new subs created on the day

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Cancellations: Any subscription not renewed directly by the customer or as a result of a plan/tier change.

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Conversions – the number of introductory or subscription offers that have renewed to a standard price subscription.

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Billing Retries – the number of subscriptions that have not been renewed due to a billing issue. When a subscription expires due to a billing issue, Apple will attempt to renew the subscription and collect payment for up to 60 days. Includes subscriptions that previously entered a 6 or 16 days Billing Grace Period but did not renew.

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Reactivations – the number of previously canceled subscriptions that have re-reactivated to a subscription in the same group, including upgrades, downgrades, and crossgrades.

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Renewals – the number of subscriptions that have successfully renewed out of the billing retry state. Does not include subscriptions that renewed during a 6 or 16 day Billing Grace Period window.

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Refunds – the number of subscriptions refunded to customers. Includes full and partial refunds.

  • Subscriptions (Apple Only): Grace Periods – the number of subscriptions that have not renewed due to a billing issue, and have entered a 6 or 16 day Billing Grace Period window.

Currency Conversion

AdLibertas automatically converts currency, as reported in the stores are reported in local currency. Both Apple and Google convert revenue on the day it was earned, therefore it’s important we retain and apply the currency conversion on the day the sale/subscription was made.

We use Open Exchange for these conversions.

How is Net Revenue Reported?

iTunes Revenue:

  • Gross Revenue: Apple calls these Sales. This is what the end-user pays.

  • Net Revenue: Apple calls this “Proceeds.” This is the money you can expect to collect. Excludes any applicable sales taxes as well as Apple’s 30% rev share from the end-user price.

Google Play Revenue:

  • Gross Revenue: Google calls this “Total Charge Amount and does include VAT & Sales taxes.

  • Net Revenue: Excludes any applicable collected sales taxes as well as Google’s 30% rev share.

  • Note: For subscriptions >1 year, Google charges a rev share of 15%. At the end of each month, AdLibertas reconciles the revenue from the monthly sales report and re-posts the previous month’s subscription revenue. Until this reconciliation, monthly earnings on subscriptions should be considered an estimate.

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