Impression level tracking with Admob Mediation

Firebase and Admob have an automatic integration, but the revenue amount is not exported to BigQuery. Not being able to export this information means you won’t be able to export or utilize impression-level data outside of the Firebase dashboard. This article outlines our recommended way to implement impression-level tracking with Admob mediation.

You can gather the impression value by using the Admob paid event handler.

Implementing the paid event handler will allow you to capture the earned value of the ad impression and relay via Firebase analytics method logEvent.

This will be similar to how other mediation platforms recommend tracking impression-level ad revenue at the app level (e.g ironSource and MAX). Be sure you include as much detail from the impression as possible (bare minimum should be value and currency).

We recommend you call the impression event something other than ad_impression since it would generate duplicate counts in the Firebase dashboard.

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