Connecting Kochava


We connect with Kochava to collect campaign data, and where applicable events tracked by the Kochava SDK.

To connect with Kochava, simply add a user from the Kochava dashboard with the following naming convention:


To add a user to Kochava:

(Referenced from Kochava Documentation)

  1. Log in to Kochava

  2. Select the desired Account.

  3. Select Account Options > Users.

  4. Click Add a User.

  5. Enter the Username.

  6. Enter the user's Name.

  7. Enter the user's Email.

  8. Enter a Password.

  9. Enter the same Password into the Confirm field.

  10. Select any Groups the user will belong to.

  11. Select the Time Zone.

  12. Select the default Language:

  13. Select the default Currency.

  14. Click Submit.

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