Data Set Status

Status and details of your user level data pipeline.

Data sources can vary in uptime and how they make data available. Your data pipeline can easily expand to pulling petabytes of information into your data lake. To help keep you updated on the current status of your data availability, we have a Data Set Status page.

For more details on how your data pipeline, see "The AdLibertas Approach to Big Data".

Data Set Status Page Layout

Data Source: The name of your dataset, as defined by the technology vendor.


  • Green: Data exists over the last 4 days and bytes delivered for every day > 0.

  • Red: Last 4 days have no data.

  • Yellow: 1-3 days have 0 bytes of data.

Last Run: The date of the last data fetch attempt.

Dates: The number of bytes returned by the data vendor is displayed under each date for the last four days.

Data Availability

To reduce cost, we recommend you (where possible) schedule data to be delivered/updated daily. By default, we collect yesterday's data. Most data sources have completed data available for the previous day starting at 9 AM PST.

Advanced Data Reporting

For deeper insights to data collection, including historical volume for pricing and forecasting, you'll need to leverage your AdLiberats Business Analytics to ask a custom question.

The data table you'll need is named "Audience Reporting Metrics." From here you'll be able to report on data source status by date, volume, and other helpful metrics.

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