Reporting Table – Column Descriptions Common Metrics (Calculated Fields)

There’s a wealth of data at your disposal when looking through our analytics tool-set. Since it can be confusing to keep all combined data sources and naming conventions straight, we’ve taken the liberty of giving you a guide:

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Column Name


Ad Unit Name

Ad Unit Name as defined in the mediator

Ad Unit Type

The Ad Unit Type as defined by your mediator

AdLibertas Managed

Line item / ad-unit managed by AdLibertas

AdLibertas Waterfall

Name of the defined optimization waterfall as assigned by AdLibertas

App Name

Application name as defined in your mediator


Clicks (network reporting)


Unified country name

Country ISO-2

Unified country ISO-2 code




The attributed third-party network

Network Ad Unit ID

The 3rd party network ad-unit ID, where applicable

Network Ad Unit Name

The ad network name for the ad unit, where provided

Network Impressions

Impression Count, as provided by Network Reporting

Ad Unit ID

The unique ad unit ID as defined by mediator

App ID

The unique application ID, as defined by your mediator


Clicks (as reported by MAX)

MAX Impressions

Impressions reported by MAX

MAX Line Item ID

The unique line item, as defined by MAX

MAX Line Item Name

The MAX-defined line item name

MAX Line Item Type

The MoPub-defined line item type, for more please visit MAX

MAX Ad Attempts

The number of attempts MAX has tried for an impression

MAX Segment ID

Unique Segment identifier as defined by MAX (where applicable)

MAX Segment Name

The Segment Name as defined by MAX (where applicable)


App Platform, as defined by MAX

Network Attempts

The number of attempts the network has recorded for an impression (where provided)


Attributed network revenue

Common Metrics (Calculated Fields)

Some common performance metrics have been pre-populated as calculated fields. These differ from the columns as these values are nonsensical when summed and must be calculated at the aggregated level. You can find these in the view section under “Common Metrics”

Calculated Field



CPM as calculated using MAX impression counts and network revenue


Click-through-rate calculated using MAX click & impression counts

MAX Fill Rate

Impressions divided by serving attempts using MAX counts

Network CPM

CPM calculated using the Network impression and revenue counts

Network CTR

Click-through-Rate calculated using Network counts (where available)

Network Fill Rate

Impressions divided by serving attempts using Network counts (where available)

Serving Discrepancy

The difference of MAX vs Network Impression counts. Calculated: 1 – (Network impressions – MAX Impressions)


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