Privacy & Security Details

Details on how we manage clients privacy and data security.

AdLibertas takes user and client privacy very seriously. As such we have strict policies and technologies in place to adhere to global regulations as well as secure app developers' private and sensitive information.

All data collected from our customers and your customers/users adhere to the AdLibertas Privacy Policy.

Our approach is split into two components: user-level tracking policy adherence and client protection.

Client Data Security

Products: ALL

Each client maintains a single-tenant architecture which allows complete separation of data. Your data is your own, we don’t share it with anyone without your consent.

While we do believe there is merit to security through obscurity, we can share that client accounts feature 256-bit SSL/TLS security and is hosted behind a VPC. Our stack and cloud provider is ISO 9001, FIPS 140-2, HIPPA, and NIST-certified.

Your data is safe with us.

User-level Policy adherence

Relevant Products: Audience Reporting.

(Audience Reporting Only): Without a unique user ID we can’t attribute revenue and events to a specific audience, so we need a persistent, available user identifier between data sources. The developer can opt to use their own publisher-specified ID or we use the following defaults:


AdLibertas doesn’t need the IDFA we use the IDFV, which Apple clearly states is acceptable use: “The ID for Vendors (IDFV), may be used for analytics across apps from the same content provider. ” (source)


AdLibertas uses the Google Ad ID (GAID) as the default preferred persistent identifier for Google Apps. (source). While this isn’t ideal as a small number of users opt-out of ad-tracking, it works well for most use-cases.

Related: Exclude GAID tracking opt-outs

iOS 14 Apple AppStore Privacy Submission Guidelines

Relevant Products: Audience Reporting.

As part of the changes introduced with iOS 14, Apple has added additional App Privacy disclosures that app developers must make to help their users understand how their data is collected and used. App Developers that are showing ads, selling in-app purchases or subscriptions, or using 3rd party tools and services like AdLibertas Audience Reporting, must ensure that the appropriate disclosures are made to be compliant with Apple’s App Privacy policies.

When filling out this section of your App Store page, it is important to consider all monetization, analytics, and other service providers and select the answer accordingly. The below highlights which information AdLibertas is accessing when using a 3rd party SDK to validate purchase receipts.

Apple Data Type

AdLibertas Accesses

Contact Info


Health and Fitness


Financial Info




Sensitive Info




Browsing History


Search History







See Below *



* Many analytics services, such as Firebase, collect Usage and Diagnostic data and this should be selected in the App Privacy page.

Example screenshots of App Privacy with a 3rd party SDK for receipt validation:

  1. Initial screen: Select “Yes, we collect data from this app”

  • Specific categories:

    • Identifiers: Depending on how you are identifying users in analytics and attribution partners, select either “User ID”, “Device ID”, or both.

    • Purchases: Select this category

  • Usage data: while AdLibertas does not directly collect this, analytics partners such as Firebase do collect Usage data and since this capability is required for AdLibertas Audience Reporting, these must be selected.

Additional resources to help you select the correct disclosures for your App Privacy page: You should review the documentation of each of your 3rd party partners for more details on the required privacy settings.





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