Why doesn’t Firebase and AdLibertas revenue match?

There are a few possibilities why revenue doesn’t match your Firebase console:

Ad Revenue

Google uses Admob-network estimated revenue (only) for their ad revenue numbers. AdLibertas uses impression-level actual ad revenue from your ad networks.

In-App Purchase Revenue:

Some revenue discrepancies might be due to time zones and currency exchange. AdLibertas reports on GMT and auto-converts on the day of purchase from local currency using Open Exchange Rates to convert to USD.

Subscription Revenue:

It should be noted that while Firebase auto-fires subscription renewals, they don’t export that data to BigQuery. So if you have material renewals or refunds, those will not be represented in AdLibertas by default. Your choices are to integrate a subscription management tool like RevenueCat, fire a custom renewal event in Firebase, or send a custom webhook to our servers.

To read more about how Firebase handles IAP & Subscription revenue, read this article.

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