Connecting Adjust

We have 2 Adjust integrations. Most customers will want both, the Callbacks give us install events from your app(s). The dashboard login allows us to pull the latest cost from the Adjust dashboard.


The AdLibertas Adjust integration allows you to send callback events from your app to your AdLibertas account. This requires we give you a customized URL to enable real-time callbacks from the Adjust dashboard.

Contact your AdLibertas account representative for your customized URL.

Once you have your customized URL, follow the steps outlined in the Adjust documentation on setting up a single event callback.

Dashboard Login

To pull the most accurate revenue information, we also recommend you create an AdLibertas account with "Reader" permissions.

From Adjust: Readers have read-only access to the Statistics tab in your dashboard. Readers can view app data, but they cannot change the account in any way.

To add a new Reader User, follow these steps as outlined in Adjust's documentation.

  • Login to your Adjust dashboard

  • Select MENU to open the main navbar (on the left-hand side) > My Account.

  • Select the Users tab.

  • Select ADD USER.

  • Enter the user's email address and role. Next, customize their feature access.

  • Select CREATE.

Use the naming convention: <companyname> for your user.

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