Connecting in 3 steps

Connect your data quickly and easily

We have 100+ API connections to ensure your data is complete and comprehensive.

Step 1: Add New Data Sources

No SDK required, no data engineering, no app changes needed.

For most service providers all you need to provide are API credentials. We pull and combine reports directly from the vendors and serve as your Single Source of Truth for all of your data sources. We support over 100 data integrations, for a unified view of your users and their earnings.

Start connecting data sources here.

If we don’t have your data source, or you have a custom connection we can facilitate ingesting your datasets via custom webhooks.

Step 2. We download & consolidate your data

You don’t need to architect a data-processing and storage system. There’s no need for your tech team to write python scripts or custom ETLs. We do the heavy lifting of providing the data pipeline, storage, and deploying the query engine to complete your analytics solution.

Enable your users so you can get back to work. We operate on single-tenant storage and shared resource report-processing for both security and cost-efficiency.

Step 3. You get answers

Exploratory Analytics to enable the entire organization

Allows anyone in the organization to get actionable insights from your data. Extrapolate mathematical prediction models on your data. Quickly and easily apply predictions to your reports.

Beautiful, comprehensive dashboards give you full access to user behavior and performance.

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