Business Analytics

Getting started with your self-serve business intelligence tool.


Part of the benefit of having a single-source-of-truth is the ability to get a complete view of your traffic behavior & trends. Very early on we found the need for data analysis tools on publisher traffic, over the years we’ve refined & polished our internal tools to become a fast favorite for our customers. Our analytics have become a cornerstone for our publishers, whether answering a question, sharing information internally, or setting up a custom dashboard the possibilities are endless. We highly encourage you to spend the time necessary to take advantage of these tools, they’ll return your time investment tenfold.

Analyze your Revenue & Answer Questions

We supply a rich set of analytics tools for your to-do deep dives on your data to determine new opportunities and discover problems.

Build Custom Dashboards

A lot of our customers want to build custom views of their data, so they can monitor or share custom views of ad traffic or earnings reports.

Asking a Question:

Saving A Question

Setting up a Custom Dashboard

Setting up a Pulse

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