Why does AdLibertas need credentials?

AdLibertas provides a variety of reporting, analytics, and optimization services to our clients. Depending on the AdLibertas product(s) your using, we may need you to connect our systems to data providers to gather the raw data.

User-Level Audience Reporting

For most use-cases and service providers, there is no development work needed. We only collect credentials/API keys to access and consolidate data. For more information, see our no-code integration in 3 steps.

Ad Network Reporting Credentials

Networks provide reporting data, in some cases, they offer a reporting API that allows you to only give API access. However, some accounts provide limited information through their API — or no API at all. In these cases, we will need access to the network’s dashboard. Some dashboards will allow you to create a user with limited access. We recommend this where possible.

For more information please see details on Adding Reporting Credentials.

Ad Optimization Credentials

The first step with any AdLibertas customer is to download and process the current configuration of your mediation platform. For this reason, we need an AdLibertas-specific user that will allow our systems to log in and consume the necessary information.

  • We will not alter your account — or any serving configuration — in the credential-collection process.

  • Each of these mediation platforms allows the creation of credentials that limits access to serving and reporting only. AdLibertas has no need for financial or payment access.

For more information see details on connecting demand sources.

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