Scheduled Reports: Keep Updated & Rolling

By default audiences and reports are set to "Run Once." But for reporting that needs to stay updated, AdLibertas offers two methods of scheduling updates:

Keep Updated

Allows users to assign a fixed start date (anchor) and keep the end date updated and current. Helpful for measuring a test or group of users over time.


Allows you to have a moving start and end date. Helpful for keeping tabs on users over time.

Tip: When scheduling reports keep in mind Audiences and Reports can have distinct and different date ranges. If you change a report’s timeframe without changing an audience’s timeframe, you may get drift in your reports.

Report Scheduling & Notifications

We give you the option to send email alerts when a report is finished. This is very helpful when you have a report you only use periodically and will decrease paused reports.

Auto-Pausing Reports

Processing big data is hard. And expensive. To avoid ballooning infrastructure costs we pause scheduled reports that are not being visted. If you don't visit a report after it runs three times, it and it's audiences will be automatically changed back to "Run Once."

To re-enable these reports, you simply need to change them back to the preferred schedule.

Alerts of change in status to reports will come if you've opted into email notifications, if you'd like Slack notiifcations, pelase contact your AdLibertas account representative.

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