RevenueCat Integration: WebHooks

RevenueCat is a product that helps track and manage subscription and IAP prices. AdLibertas supports a very simple integration to capture user subscriptions from their service.

1. Your Unique URL

First, contact your AdLibertas Account Manager for your unique Webhook URL and Header Value. You’ll need one per app title you want to combine into AdLibertas.

2. Add a Collaborator

Add an AdLibertas user as a “Read Only – Collaborator” to each app you want AdLibertas to track, using the following email syntax:<companyname>

From the RevenueCat dashboard, navigate to your App > Collaborators > click “+ New”

3. Enter your URL into the RevenueCat Account

Then enter your unique Webhook URL into the RevenueCat dashboard.

From your RevenueCat dashboard Navigate to Apps > Webhooks. Enter your unique Webhook URL & Header Value.

That’s it!

RevenueCat will then relay subscription events to AdLibertas where we’ll capture and store them in your consolidated data lake.

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