Why use revenue to determine Firebase AB test winners?

Combining ad revenue and accurate IAP revenue to your Firebase AB test helps you understand the actual revenue outcome of your tests.

Why we recommend you use revenue to determine the winner of your AB tests

While Firebase is an exceptionally powerful tool, its test outputs are limited to a handful of event metrics, and these counts only give directional confidence in success. The AdLibertas platform combines Firebase Analytics with the actual ad impression, which means we can provide easy exploration of ongoing or completed tests, with a variety of metrics– including ARPU and LTV to better help quantify the test outcome.

Linking Firebase AB Tests with Revenue

While the concept of merging these datasets is straightforward, the difficulty comes in the details. This generally means creating a data pipeline to combine the data sources, choosing a storage technology (Google Cloud, Snowflake, Redshift), and analytics (Looker, Tableau, etc.). The full process often requires 6-12 months of R&D alongside server costs of $30K+ depending on the size of your datasets.

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We make this easy

The AdLibertas platform simplifies your process by centralizing all of your revenue into a single location. Max allows app developers to send ad revenue callbacks, with the value of each impression, to the device. At this point, the event is relayed to Firebase to consolidate actual ad revenue in a single place. Working with this data, even in a consolidated format, can be very difficult. Our cost-effective platform skips any need for custom integrations, data engineering, or SQL writing, and our customers quickly connect with API keys to get up and running – often seeing same-day insights.

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Examples of how revenue can be used to determine winners

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