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Welcome to AdLibertas

AdLibertas is a data platform for mobile apps that collects, processes and stores your app’s data, giving users in your organization, flexible, easy-to-use interactive analytics.

Getting Started

Got 1.5 minutes? Check out a video overview of the platform:
TL;DR: AdLibertas collects all of your important app data and helps you answer questions about user behavior and track the performance of your business.
Interested in learning more on how the AdLibertas platform works? Check out details on our data pipeline and architecture in the section below.

Guides: How can it be used

See how some of our customers use AdLibertas to grow their apps:
Case Study: Better onboarding increases retention, doubles user LTV -
See how the popular animation app Flipaclip analyzes customer onboarding performance
Case Study: Using first day user-activity to predict LTV - AdLibertas
See how the creators of the smash-hit Flow Free uses first-day actions to find valuable users.
Starting a live ops strategy - AdLibertas
Geoff Hladik, Head of Growth for Visual Blasters shares his story on how a simple AB test turned into creating dynamic app experiences to increase user engagement, retention, and LTV.
Case Study: Using data to drive app design increases LTVs 10% - AdLibertas
Random Logic Games uses Firebase AB testing and AdLibertas Audience Reporting to test game mechanics and increases user LTVs 10% in a single AB test.
Looking to see how we can help your specific use case? Schedule a conversation!

Integrating your data

No SDK: Getting started only requires API credentials. Wherever we can leverage your existing technology stack, we connect via APIs to started quickly. You can stop anytime.
Combining and unifying the data generated by your users can be a complex undertaking. At AdLibertas we’ve built our business around providing easy, actionable access to complex data to mobile app developers. Our mission is simple: build the tools so you can focus on making better apps, not wrestling with data.
See how we connect with your data in 3 easy steps:
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